The trusted leader in taste

IFFCO’s delicious and highly popular variety of biscuits and wafers are manufactured under the brand names of Tiffany and Piccadeli. Tiffany, a name known and well established in every household, is the market leader in the UAE and the absolute favourite among individuals and families, especially children in the country.

Easily recognisable taste and excellent quality have enabled Tiffany to achieve success in several international markets. Today it enjoys a strong global presence, a testimony to the fact that we live up to our promise to ‘Strive to deliver quality, convenience and taste in everything we make’.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of quality biscuits and wafers for the whole family. These include Sandwich Cream, Glucose, Nice, Marie, Wafers and Cracker Biscuits, along with the most delectable variety of Digestives, Fruit Rolls, Butter Cookies, Premium Biscuits and even Sugar Free biscuits. At IFFCO, our aim is to make our biscuits experience into a lifestyle experience for everyone. Come sample some of the great products that we have to offer and, hopefully, make you another one of our loyal and vibrant Tiffany-loving customers too! At IFFCO, our aim is to transform your biscuits experience…