Trans Fat Free for healthier, lighter and tastier food.

NOOR Sunflower

Noor Sunflower Oil is 100% pure Sunflower Oil that is light on the body, heart and stomach as it is cholesterol free. Noor Sunflower Oil is free of harmful Trans Fats that cause obesity, increase blood cholesterol as well as risk of heart disease. It helps you and your family be active and stay in shape and meet the challenges of the modern lifestyle. Rich in Vitamin A, D & E.

Noor Sunflower oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E which helps boost immunity and prevent diseases while also protecting you from neurological diseases. It is also a good source of Vitamin A & D, which is important for growth and development, the immune system, good vision and essential for strong bones.

Reveals the natural taste of your food

Noor Sunflower oil is light oil that helps reveal the natural taste in your food bringing out the flavors that you create.

For women who want the best

Noor Sunflower oil is ideal for the modern woman who wants the best for her family as it is cholesterol free, trans fat free for lighter, healthier and tastier food.


Your search for the healthiest oil is over.

As a mother you always want to provide the healthiest food for your family. From wholesome ingredients to the method of cooking, every choice you make ensures their well-being. With Noor Amber Canola oil you have a much healthier composition than any other kind of cooking oil. That's why, families across the region who cook smart and live healthy are switching to Noor Amber Canola oil.

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