Mint Candy
Sizes Available
Small convinient pouches 400 gm, Sharing Pouches 800 gm, Gifting 400 gm
Sugar, Glucose syrup, Peppermint oil, artificial colour (indigo carmine (E132)). Allergen information: Product may contain traces of gluten, peanut and treenuts.
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Nutrition information
Serving per kg : approx 50 Energy(KJ) Proteins(g) Carbohydrates(g) Fats(g)
Serving size: 3 sizes (20g) 1546 0 91.7 0.3
Countries Where it is Produced
Countries Available in
KSA, Australia, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, PalestineRepublic of Congo, Singapore, Tonga & Yemen
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Introducing Noor Aroma Enjoy the smell of fresh herbs while you cook...
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