IFFCO has recently extended its range of Food ingredients by including Shama Foods Industries LLC into IFFCO Group. Shama is one of the leading Brands in UAE and GCC, offering a wide range of authentic ingredients including straight spices, whole spices, spice blends, seasonings, continental herbs and a wide range of pulses in different kinds of packaging.

A new addition to their range is Pure Vacuum-Dried Salt, locally produced PVD Salt in UAE. Shama has in its portfolio the best of saffron from Spain under the brand name “Leon Meyers". Brand Shama is increasing its reach to other Middle Eastern countries, African and European countries. We also have an innovative Arabic range called ‘Flavours of Arabia’, which includes an interesting blend of spices from the Arab world, in addition to a wide array of blended spices, created under the expert advice of renowned chefs, that are ideal for the culinary delicacies of India, Asia and the Arab world.

The unique value proposition which Shama brings on to the loyal and discerning consumers is purity of its products, consistently superior quality and attractive and convenient packaging.

Our factory in UAE is HACCP certified and adheres to the highest global quality standards. Shama brings the natural goodness of handpicked ingredients from around the world, perfectly blended and packaged in our state-of-the-art facility.

There are no artificial colours and flavours in Shama products and thus the purity of Shama brand is epitomised by its brand promise of “A pinch of Shama makes a world of difference”.