IFFCO's flagship brand of impulse foods such as Biscuits, Snacks, Chocolates, Confectionery, Cakes and Sauces offers great value and quality. Biscuits include Dry, Cream Sandwich, Filled Rolls, Digestive, Crackers, Cookies, Wafers, Premium and Sugar free range. Snacks include potato crisps made from natural farm fresh potatoes, without artificial flavourings, zero cholesterol and trans-fat. Potato sticks with various flavourings, Extruded Corn and Potato snacks and popcorn. Tiffany also manufactures and markets Bugles under license from General Mills (USA), in the UAE.

Tiffany chocolates cater to every segment of the market, especially children, with their innovative products, attractive packaging and competitive pricing. The company has traditionally been very strong in the confectionery segment with a range of toffees, eclairs, hard candy and lollipops.

Tiffany cakes are manufactured in the company’s state-of-the-art facilities in Dubai, as individually packed slices as well as pound cakes.

Tiffany manufactures and markets a range of UHT Fruit Juices, Milk and Flavored Milk in tetra packs and flavoured drinks in PET bottles and powdered flavoured drinks in tins and sachets.Tiffany's premium range of Tomato Ketchup is available in easy to squeeze PET bottles as well as conventional glass jars and convenient sachets.