A delicate crispy and vanilla tasty and smoothly cream
Sizes Available
25 GR
wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat (palm, coconut), powdered milk (cow), whey powder (cow), vegetable emulsifier [soy lecithin(SIN322)], raising agents [sodium bicarbonate (SIN500i), magnesium bicarbonate(SIN504i)], salt, vanilla extract. Food additives are used and according to good manufacturing practices. Allergy Alert: This product contains gluten, milk derivatives, soy lecithin and may contain traces of hazelnut.
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Nutrition Facts per Serving
servings per pack: 1 Energy(kcal/KJ) Proteins(g) Carbohydrates(g) Fats(g) Sugar(g) Saturated Fat(g) Dietary Fibre(g) Sodium(mg)
Per 100 g 2115,61 5,72 68,05 23,65 42,19 13,01 1,70 334,63
Countries Where it is Produced
Countries Available in
Algeria, Benin, Egypt
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