Enduring vision, inspiring values

The IFFCO brand has been built around creating trust and delivering value – captured in the Group vision:

“The preferred provider of essential and value added foods for everyone, everywhere and every day.”


The IFFCO Commitment
Offer equal opportunity in a gender diverse, multicultural and multinational environment.
Promote a culture of meritocracy by selecting, developing and rewarding people based on competence and capabilities.
Encourage open communication through opportunities and forums so that it helps to improve the workplace and productivity.
Legislate safe, hygienic and healthy work conditions.
Facilitate the right work-life balance through better time management.
The IFFCO Mandate
For Employees:
Treat colleagues with respect, dignity, empathy and fairness.
Be mobile across businesses and geographies and develop core competences to take up bigger roles in the future.
For Managers:
Build an empowered and supportive work atmosphere, allowing free exchange of ideas and views.
Ensure transparency of employee related policies and their application.
Honor employee commitments in alignment with corporate policy.


Personal Integrity
Present information factually without being opinionated or influencing the outcome.
Speak the truth fearlessly.
Be objective and arrive at a fair and just solution. Never rush to conclusions based on incomplete information.
Avoid complaining, criticizing, gossiping and backbiting – these only create negativity and conflicts. Instead, be open and candid without being offensive – this approach disarms people and helps them get better.
Loyalty, at IFFCO, is discharging your responsibilities professionally, ethically and with no bias.
Commitments and meeting them go together – once committed, honour it come what may.
System Integrity
Policies, procedures and systems to be accessible across board for transparency and unbiased implementation.
Procedural compliance ensures uniformity and administrative ease. Non-compliance is a violation, and so is not reporting it.
Secrecy and security of company information is non-negotiable. Share it with authorised personnel only on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.
Fiscal Integrity
Be prudent and cost-conscious when using assets, funds or material allotted to you.
Unjust claims, authorisations and financial representations amount to fraud and embezzlement.
Use capability and cost as the yardstick to choose suppliers and associates. Any other evaluation could lead to compromises and is a breach of trust.
Receiving favors and gifts from business associates is a bribe, and hence unethical.
Always honour the laws of the land.


Internally benchmark all policies, processes and systems on a continuous basis – it helps to drive efficiencies and achieve standardisation across the Group.
Identify ‘Best in Class’ approaches and companies globally – to meet and exceed their standards in quality, cost and performance.
Keep channels open for dialogue and understanding between business units for cooperation and collaboration.
Focus on ‘first time right’, avoiding rework and wastage.
Encourage the new: Innovative products and better approaches that offer customers higher value.


Understand and internalise the fact that the consumer is the reason for IFFCO to be in the business. It’s the consumer who creates wealth for the Group.
Ensure availability of products and services to consumers, wherever they are.
Consumer delight is uppermost. Employ all intelligence, capabilities, insights, innovation and energies at your disposal to achieve this goal.
Take consumer feedback seriously. This helps in delivering better value to consumers.
Remember that all work in the IFFCO Group begins and ends with the consumer, straddling departments, businesses and geographies. Finally, all decisions and actions are evaluated through the question: "Does this benefit the consumer?"
  IFFCO’s way of defining market leadership:
  • How much value do IFFCO brands add to the consumer?
  • To what extent does the consumer trust IFFCO brands?
  • How far ahead or behind is the competition?
  • What are the margins realised from IFFCO brands?
While we recongise the key role of our partners and associates, their services also need to reflect IFFCO’s customer-centricity.


For a large Group like IFFCO to succeed, and to sustain its success, its people need to be entrepreneurial. They should:
  • Have a sense of ownership towards everything they do.
  • Take initiative and responsibility pro-actively.
  • Treat assets, funds and human capital as their own.
  • Innovate ways to cut costs and increase revenues.
  • Use their imagination to achieve synergies and enhance returns.
  • Make sound, informed decisions after critical evaluation of all options.
  • Go for calculated risks when needed – for business, wealth and value reasons.
How to instill entrepreneurial leadership and culture?
  • Build smaller teams and ingrain in them a sense of purpose and accountability.
  • Inspire them for higher performance by setting stretch goals and creating agreement.
  • Focus on the consumer, not internal boundaries and hurdles.
  • Create platforms for information sharing, common goal setting, performance coaching and objective reviewing.
  • Challenge the status quo to encourage disruptive thinking that leads to innovation.
  • Recognize and reward merit, so you retain top-notch talent and keep them excited.