Our Products and Services shall be of consistently top quality and surpass industry standards, thereby delighting our Customers and Consumers.

We shall work with all stakeholders to develop and maintain standards and work processes to achieve Continuous Improvement and Excellence.

We shall sustain a Quality Culture in which all are committed to deliver cost effective solutions, first time around, eliminating rework and wastages.

We shall ensure Safe, Hygienic and Environment Friendly manufacturing and work processes.

Quality is the central theme of our business model. It binds together all our activity with the final goal of providing our consumer the benefit that they expect from our brands at most at most affordable prices to achieve the vision of
“The Preferred Provider of Essential and Value added food for Everyone, Everywhere and Every day. “

We at IFFCO design quality standards appropriate to our product sector and market strategy. We establish exacting standards to define acceptability of material input and end products. These standards are strictly met via exclusive dealing with vendor and service provider with proven capability to meet our stringent expectation.

We continually strive to improve product reliability consonant with optimal costs and commercial viability. In order to bring you products that are both affordable and of the highest quality, we refuse to cut corners. Instead, we rely on our other strengths—strong buying power, reduced overhead expenses, managed distribution costs, and efficient manufacturing. Year after year we have significantly increased our investment in quality above and beyond our industry colleagues.

We test. We check. We verify. We are vigilant.
All of IFFCO’s manufacturing sites feature contemporary quality assurance laboratory and on line testing facility in keeping with current industry standards. From start to finish, our quality processes are robust. IFFCO’s team of experienced scientists and technicians fully understand the concept of food product safety & quality. More importantly, our skilled professionals are well versed in applying in-depth technical understanding to meet customer expectation.

Quality program at our principle manufacturing locations conform to ISO 9001 code. They have been evaluated by independent certification agencies. IFFCO’s Hazard Analysis and Critical control point (HACCP) program is of great significance to food and beverage manufacturing locations. Under this scheme the sensitive ingredients, critical process control points and related human factors are monitored on a continuous basis to eliminate health risk and ensure acceptable product quality.

IFFCO facilities have been certified bodies for Food Safety Management system Like British Retail Consortium (BRC) or ISO 22000 code and also supported by different consumer specific code for Food Safety. The Global food safety standard has been developed to specify the safety quality and operational criteria required to be in place through the full supply chain to fulfill obligation with regard to legal and regulatory compliance of (local and Importing Country) and protection of consumer.

We ensure a continuous monitoring and control of all aspects of the Company Health, Safety and Welfare Policy. We ensure that all products sold by IFFCO are produced keeping Quality food safety, legal compliance and customer expectations in high stream.