Children always demand food that is tasty and fun to eat. Parents are always looking for delicious solutions that are most importantly trustworthy. This is where IFFCO answers all their needs and connects with individuals, families and children to give them the perfect solution, through our unique and high quality variety of flavours, colours, shapes and sizes.

Our ever-increasing ranges of snack foods include products that are guaranteed to tempt and satisfy all kinds of snack lovers. Potato crisps, potato sticks and corn chips come in many flavours like salty, ketchup, sweet & sour, etc. The extruded snacks range offers ready to eat baked and fried type foods and our popcorn snack also comes in tasty salt, cheese and caramel flavours. With so much to choose from at any given moment, it’s no wonder that our wide range of snacks commands a loyal following amongst children and those young at heart in markets across the entire region.

All our products are made and packed to the most stringent quality standards and are available in easy-to-carry and attractive packaging. Most of our products are also available in small portions, which fit nicely into school lunch boxes and little ones’ hands. Active, energetic and always on the lookout for new tastes, teenagers and children tend to snack frequently. One of the big reasons why IFFCO brands are a regular and familiar presence at school events like sports meets and annual days.