Palm Oil Sustainability Goals

IFFCO's goal is to work with key stakeholders to deliver a fully traceable and sustainable palm oil supply chain in 2021, that contributes to no deforestation and peat degradation and ensures welfare of the people involved or impacted by the oil palm development. IFFCO mandates its palm oil supply chain to meet the following criteria in order to be fully traceable and sustainable:

General requirements:

  • Comply with all local, national, international laws
  • Ensure traceability of materials

No Deforestation:

  • No development of palm oil in High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests
  • Protection of High Conservation Value (HCV) areas
  • No burning in preparation of land or in development

No Peat

  • No new development on peat regardless of depth
  • Follow Best Management Practices for existing plantation on Peat

No Exploitation:

  • Plantation development takes place with the Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) of any affected local communities
  • Provide safe, secure, productive workplace for employees and surrounding communities

Partnership and Collaboration:

  • Cooperation with actors along the palm oil supply chain such as government, civil society organization and development agencies to produce scalable impacts
  • Increased volume of RSPO-certified materials through innovative partnership