It’s all in the cruuuuuuuunch!

Why push the limits when you can break it? That’s exactly what we did with Tiffany Break, the crunchiest chocolate-coated treats from the house of IFFCO. Made with the finest ingredients and passionate expertise, this irresistible line up of treats is sure to delight you in more ways than one.

Tiffany Break: This should come with a statutory warning: Crunchiest Treat Ever. Because that’s what you get when you take crunchiest wafer fingers and coat them in the smoothest milk chocolate. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

Tiffany Break Delights: Ever imagined a treat that’s totally crunchy on the outside and absolutely creamy on the inside? We did. And here you have it - Tiffany Break Delights. These chocolate-coated, cream-filled wafer rolls are sure to surprise!

Tiffany Break Supa: As if the crunchiest wafers and the smoothest milk chocolate weren’t enough, we threw all caution to the wind and added the silkiest, melt-in-your-mouth caramel. The result: An irresistible treat that’s really hard to share.

Tiffany Break Rizzo: Is it crunchy, crispy or both? Break the dilemma; try this delicious treat drizzled with rice crispies and find out for yourself.

Happy Break: This one’s just for the kids, but we’ll excuse you for giving into the urge to try it. It’s the perfect big treat for the little ones.

Who says there’s nothing good on TV? Catch the Tiffany Break TV Spot when you’re watching your favourite programs and see how a harmless prank turns into an all-out tit-for-tat with hilarious results.

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